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Flyers/Chalking in the Advertising Zones

  • Flyering and/or chalking is permitted only during the fall, winter, and spring academic quarters.
  • Only masking and painter'stape, not duct tape, may be used to secure flyers.
  • Only chalk that can easily be removed with water may be used.
  • Flyers and/or chalking may only occur on campus sidewalks in designated advertising zones (see link below).
  • Maps of the advertising zones
  • Any advertising found outside of the designated zones will be removed, and the responsible groups or individuals will be fined a minimum of $75 for each additional flyer or violation of this policy.
  • Flyers and/or chalking on city sidewalks violate an Evanston city ordinance (Section7-3-12), including sidewalks along both sides of Sheridan Road.  Violators will be fined by the city.
  • Flyers must not be larger than 11 inches by 17 inches in total area, and no more than two 8½ x 11 inch flyers may be taped together.
  • Flyers and/or chalk must be removed within five business days after the event or fines may be imposed.
  • Flyers and/or chalk are not allowed under the overhangs of any buildings.
  • The use of tape alone to convey any advertising is prohibited.
  • Flyers that do not follow this publicity policy are subject to removal without advance notice to the posting organization.


  • Banners may not be hung from the exterior or draped from a window or doorway of any residential building or fraternity/sorority house.  Signs or posters on residential building windows or doors must have the approval of all residents and are subject to the approval of the University.
  • Student organizations associated with the Multicultural Student Center or African American Student Affairs should contact the respective center to hang a banner on its porch.
  • There are five sites between the Weber Arch and the Rock where students may hang bannersReservations must be made with Norris Event Management for these areas and banners must comply with the applicable university policies. Banners violating policies and procedures will be discarded.
  • Banners may only be hung between the trees along the archway, with cord, rope, or twine. Any damage done to trees will be in violation of this policy.  Cutting wind holes in the banner will help keep it from being torn in the wind.  If banners are not removed 24 hours after the event or by 8 p.m. Sunday evening, organizations may be charged for removal. University staff is not responsible for saving any banners.
  • Banners are hung on the Weber Arch to welcome incoming classes, congratulate graduating classes, and congratulate faculty members who have been awarded a Nobel Prize. The vice president for University relations must approve these banners, as well as any exceptions to the policy governing the Weber Arch.


Painting is only allowed on the Rock itself, and is prohibited on any other surrounding surfaces.Any painting on surrounding surfaces will result in a $300 fine, as well as a referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

Bulletin Boards and Kiosks

  • Only general bulletin boards may be used to publicize campus events, not bulletin boards maintained by various campus departments such as residential halls and colleges.  Only tape and pushpins may be used to post flyers.
  • Facilities Management will periodically remove loose or outdated notices from exterior bulletin boards and kiosks.
  • The Norris Center offers a large general bulletin board near the main entrance, but flyers must be stamped at the Norris Information Desk for approval before being posted.  Flyers not stamped will be removed. Flyers must comply with the applicable policies, with a maximum of five flyers per event per week.  The "Phenomena Board" is the posting location for apartment rentals, sale of personal items, etc., and is not to be used for event postings.  All flyers will be removed Sunday evening and new flyers may be posted beginning Monday at noon.
  • Questions regarding posting policies on the Norris bulletin boards should be directed to the Information desk, at 847-491-2300.

Leaflets and Handbills

The distribution of leaflets and hand bills at any campus location must be approved by Norris Event Management. In residential buildings, no one is permitted to place materials on, at, or under resident room doors unless for official University business or communication between known acquaintances.