Strategic Themes

Strategic Plan | Vision and Mission | Values | Guiding Principles  

Strategic Theme 1: Build Organizational Health

We will create a healthy, functional and sustainable Student Affairs organization committed to excellenceby continuously improving internal and external communications, technologies, professional development, policies, and procedures.

Strategic Theme 2: Enrich the Northwestern Experience

We will provide services, programs, shared experiences, and a unifying identity that contributes to a vibrant Northwestern community.

Strategic Theme 3: Further Student Learning

We will create holistic learning experiences for students outside the classroom, remove barriers to student learning, and provide opportunities for the integration of their learning. We will utilize an attainable and measurable framework for student learning outside the classroom.

Strategic Theme 4: Advance Social Justice

We will work authentically and ethically to create an inclusive and socially just learning environment for all members of the Northwestern University community.

Strategic Theme 5: Foster Purposeful Partnerships

We will collaborate with our Student Affairs colleagues, students, faculty colleagues, alumni, departments, and divisions outside of Student Affairs.

Strategic Theme 6: Optimize Resources

We will continually look for opportunities to attract, align, and maximize resources, and to use them wisely and effectively to improve programs, services, and facilities for students and to strengthen our infrastructure and technology.