Staff Development


The Staff Development Committee is responsible for developing and implementing an annual series of programs and activities for exempt and bi-weekly staff in the Division of Student Affairs. These programs and activities are aligned with the Division's strategic priorities, consider the professional development needs of staff, recognize outstanding work in the Division, and build community.

The Staff Development Committee accomplishes its work through two subcommittees:

  • The Professional Development Subcommittee plans and implements programs and activities for bi-weekly and exempt staff that increase professional knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • The Staff Engagement Subcommittee is responsible for planning and implementing new staff orientation, the annual awards event, and other activities.

Preliminary Feedback from Vice President’s Breakfast, January 2014

Student Affairs Awards 2013-2014

On June 27 2014, Student Affairs staff were recognized for their outstanding work this past year. A link to the brief description of the five awards and the recipients is below.

Recent Events

2013-2014 Staff Awards Banquet Photo Gallery

the recipients of the 2013-2014 staff awards

staff at awards banquet staff at awards banquet staff at awards banquet

mona dugo and tony kirchmeier after the awards jacqueline marquez enjoying the celebration one of several chefs serving delicious food

the banquet was held in the beautiful courtyard at Alice Millar paul hubinsky enjoying the food and drinks lance watson

andres and anne handing out prizes PTI won the first prize! Noor wins a prize

sheila driscoll showing off the next prize angela mitchell is the winner! always a great opportunity to meet staff on the other side of campus!