2012-2013 Staff Awards

On June 28 2013, Student Affairs staff were recognized for their outstanding work this past year. A brief description of the five awards and the recipients is below. To see all of the nominees and award presentation see our PowerPoint here.

Innovation Award


The Innovation Award is given to a Student Affairs’ staff member, department, or group that has generated one or more creative, novel, and sustainable initiatives within the last year to enhance our work, challenge assumptions, foster organizational health, and promote student learning and success.

2012 – 2013 Recipients

  • Eric Budzynski (Religious Life)
  • Andy Kim (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship)
  • Beth Knobbe (Sheil Catholic Center), the organizers of the “This We Believe” program.

Collaboration Excellence Award

collaborationawardwinnersThe Collaborative Excellence Award recognizes a Student Affairs’ staff member, department, or group that has successfully partnered with colleagues outside of the Division of Student Affairs to design and implement programs, activities, and/or services that enrich the Northwestern experience, further student learning, advance social justice, and/or optimize resources.

2012 – 2013 Recipients

  • The Norris 40th Anniversary Committee for their year-long celebration of NU’s Student Center.

Integrity Award

integrity award winnerThe Integrity Award is given to a Student Affairs staff member who has consistently demonstrated the highest ethical and professional standards in one or more instances in the past year. Top nominees will be easily recognized as stellar citizens of Student Affairs who consistently uphold our values and guiding principles.

2012 – 2013 Recipients

  • Courtney Albinson, Counseling and Psychological Services

Social Justice Award

social justice awardThe Social Justice Award recognizes a Student Affairs’ staff member, department, or group who has engaged in activities outside the framework of their regular responsibilities to help create and foster a Northwestern community that is equitable and inclusive.

2012 – 2013 Recipients

The Web Content Users Group for their work with bridging the gap between technology and accessibility for our students at Northwestern.

  • Nina Modi (Student Affairs Information Technology)
  • Hao Luo (Student Affairs Information Technology)
  • Chris Walker (Student Affairs Information Technology) 
  • Alison May (Students with Disabilities)

Distinguished Service – Commitment to Excellence Awards

The Distinguished Service – Commitment to Excellence Award recognizes Student Affairs’ staff members who have exhibited outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: 1) leadership in a national/international professional organization; 2) significant service to Northwestern; 3) development and research activities; 4) mentoring activities; and/or 5) long-term service to the Division of Student Affairs. Distinguished Service – Commitment to Excellence Awards are presented to no more than five members of the Division each year.

2012 – 2013 Recipients

  • Tim Stevens (University Chaplain)
  • Ronald Wade (Residential Services)
  • Jim Neumeister (Dean of Students Office & Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution)
  • Cynde (Mama) Goines (Residential Services)

tim stevens roanld wade

jim neumeister cynde goines