Summary of Results from Brain Storming Activity

Summary of Brain Storming Activity and Feedback on New Features

Discussion Items Feedback
  • Integrate navigation into the top of the website - it's more intuitive
  • Redundant blocks text/doesn't go away
  • Scrolling organization of drop down (too many categories)
  • Some links in navigation but not in pages
  • On the Sustainability website drop menus seem to be cut off
  • Too many words
  • Users need to be able to search the ENTIRE DOSA site for information (i.e., FAQs, themes, anchors)
  • NU Search Engine is difficult to use (Web Communication problem)
  • The internal website search engine (as demonstrated on the UCS website) works better than the  NU search engine
Social Media
  • Sometimes covers up content when you scroll
  • UCS Bar on the right is helpful to link users to social media outlets
  • Social media is not just for show, it needs to be active
  • SAIT could provide education on best practices and support for promotion
  • Facebook could be private for some offices (i.e. SSD)
  • NOTE: Current Sustainability site can't be found via the NU search
Google Analytics Enable Google Analytics for everyone's sites, training and provide recommendations regarding sharing useful information with others
  • Standardized links on campus maps on each site - add this to the footer of each page
  • When a location is mentioned, have it link to the map of the location
  • It is important to be aware that too many map links could bog down a screen-reader application
  • Ideally, we would be able to "layer" multiple map items/functions (click in each menu items' box to activate) for off-campus/all students
    like city of Evanston/NU bike maps, bike racks, shuttle routes, bus routes, campus buildings, WildcardAdvantage partners/locations, blue light phones, NUPD/EPD/Fire Dept. stations, etc.
  • For departments with e-newsletters, make ISSUU available to them through a master account (paid for by SAIT) rather than individual departments.
    Currently MSA, NSFP use ISSUU and Res Life would like to use it this fall
  • Header too big
  • Font too big
  • Margins too wide
  • Font color is hard to read
  • Bullet points (don't really look like bullets)
  • House Icon - spell out "house"
  • Would like more training on features in cascade, accessibility in a smart classroom etc.  Know there is a manual on line and these meetings