September 2013 Meeting Notes

Meeting Agenda

Agenda Presenters
Introduction Nina Modi
Student Affairs Main Page Re-design Jill Brazel, Jessica Marie Torro and Chris Walker
Search Engine Optimization  Christa Battaglia (Manager of Web and Electronic Communications, McCormick School)
Q & A Nina Modi

Introduction of Attendees

Attendees were asked to introduce themselves, including department and role.

Introduction to Meeting

Welcome to the 2013-14 WCUG meetings and we appreciate the participation. Our goal for these monthly group meetings is to provide training, resources, information and guidance so that each department will have all the support to maintain and enhance their websites. We encourage everyone to attend as many meetings as possible. 

WCUG Updates

  • Cascade upgraded to 7.6 was successfully completed
  • New features: graphic displays of content on message screen and automatically saving of draft web files
  • New Student Affairs landing page launched, presentation to follow
  • Christa Battaglia will be presenting on search engine optimization

New Student Affairs Main Page Redesign

Presenters - Jill Brazel, Jessica Maria Torro and Christopher Walker

  • Just launched Student Affairs main web page
  • Responsive design for smart phones and tablets
  • Navigation improved from previous design
  • Accessible design
  • Any questions or feedback to contact Jill

Search Engine Optimization 

Presenter - Christa Battaglia (Manager of Web and Electronic Commmunication, McCormick School of Engineering)

Search Engine Optimization (PDF)

Adjourn Meeting

Questions? contact Nina Modi:


Telephone: 847.467.2423