WCUG - Meeting Minutes 03.28.2013

Meeting Agenda

Agenda Presenters
Introduction Nina Modi
Updates And Upgrades
Nina Modi
New Employee Guide
Andres Carrasquillo
Q & A Nina Modi

Introduction of Attendees

Attendees were asked to introduce themselves, including department and role

Introduction to Meeting

Welcome to the group and we appreciate the participation. Our goal for these monthly group meetings is to provide training, resources, information and guidance so that each department will have all the support to maintain and enhance their websites. We encourage everyone to attend as many meetings as possible. 

WCUG Updates

  • The minutes from each our WCUG meetings are posted as a resource to you to review our discussions.
  • Cascade upgrade, Axis TV and Footprints
  • We will be introducing Training Sessions in addition to the usual WCUG meeting for both new users and intermediate users. As always we will continuw to be here for and 1 on 1 training you may need. Webinars may be available in the future as well as training videos.
  • Provide feedback to Nina Modi, email address n-modi@northwestern.edu


Axis TV - Nina updated the group about the Axis TV upgrade and training.  The upgrade was completed and successful.  Users were invited to the Axis TV training hosted by the Visix vendor.  Users successfully completed the training and can now use the upgraded system.

Footprints - Nina and James talked about the new ticketing system Footprints.  SAIT and Marketing are using the new ticketing system to receive requests for service.  James talked about how marketing is using Footprints to accept marketing requests and encouraged staff to place tickets.

Cascade Upgrade - Web Communications had successfully completed the upgrade to Cascade 7.2.  SAIT Web Group encourages all users to make the following changes to their My Settings options:

Changes to Cascade User Options

After login to cascade and go to My Settings (located at the top right hand corner of cascade).

my perferences opton in cascade

  1. After selecting My Setting the screen below will appear.
  2. Check the "After Publishing Assets.
  3. Check the Unpublish on Move/Delete.
  4. Submit

user preferences screen shot

For detailed guides to the ugrade notes, visit the Hannon Hill website and expand the Summary section:

New Employee Guide Website

Andres provided a detailed history of the need to create a Student Affairs On-Boarding Guide. Previously no information existed in a central location for departments to prepare for the arrival of new employees. Andres explained the reason for the creation of the following three sections:

There was a lively discussion at the end of the presentation which yielded good suggestions.  Andres encouraged staff to continue to provide feedback.   There will be revisions to the guide based on feedback.


Name Department Attendance
Nina Modi Information Technology Yes
Chris Walker Information Technology Yes
Hao Luo Information Technology Yes
Jill Brazel Marketing No
Alison May Students With Disabilities Yes
Jeremy Hopkins Career Services No
Kelli Conkey Career Services No
Hope Wallace Center For Student Involvement Yes
Courtney Brooks Albinson Counseling And Psychological Services No
Candice Marie Grant Counseling And Psychological Services No
Chael Wright-Isak Communications And Events Planning No
Melissa Goldstein Dean Of Students Yes
Alejandro Jose Sune Fraternity And Sorority Life No
Andress Carrasquillo Food Service Yes
Lopa Avant Patel Graduate Housing No
Suzie Campbell Health Promotion And Wellness Yes
Lesley Ann Brown Inclusion And Campus Community Yes
Anthony C. Kirchmeier Living Off Campus Yes
James McHaley Marketing Yes
Erin Elizabeth Druger Marketing Yes
Jessica Marie Torro Marketing Yes
Barbara Colleen Keefe Multicultural Student Affairs Yes
Daphne Nwankpa Multicultural Student Affairs Yes
Joshua McKenzie Student And Parent Programming Yes
Eric Budzynski Religious Life No
Mark D-Arienzo Residential Services Yes
Paul Hubinsky Residential Services Yes
Virginia Koch Residentila Services Yes
Bernard W. Foster Saferide No
James R. Neumeister Student Conduct And Conflict Resolution No
Lance Watson Student Conduct And Conflict Resolution Yes
Jessica Lane Watson Student Engagement Yes

Adjourn Meeting

Questions contact Nina Modi:

Email: n-modi@northwestern.edu

Telephone: 847.467.2423