1.30.2013 Meeting

Facilitator: Nina Modi
Presenting: Nina & Jill/Lesley Ann Brown
Note Takers: Jill Brazel/Nina Modi


Attendee Department
Tony Kirchmeier Off Campus
Mark D'Arienzo
Lesley Ann Brown
Hao Luo   SAIT
Jill Brazel
Nina Modi
Alison May
Andres Carrasquillo
Food-Res Services
Lance Watson
Annaleah Tubbin Res Life
Melissa Goldstein Dean of Students
Suzie Campbell
Health Services
Jeremy Hopkins University Career Services
Susan Cushman NUHS-HPaW

Introduction of Attendees

Attendees were asked to:

  • Introduce themselves, including department and role
  • Provide expectations of the group meeting
Agenda Presenters
Introduction Nina Modi
Updates   Nina Modi
SAIT Site Redesign Update
Nina and Jill
Cascade Training-Deleting files Jill
Inclusion Site Lesley Ann Brown
Q & A Nina Modi

Introduction to Meeting

Welcome to the group and we appreciate the participation. Our goal for these monthly group meetings is to provide training, resources, information and guidance so that each department will have all the support to maintain and enhance their websites. We encourage everyone to attend as many meetings as possible. 

WCUG Updates

  • The minutes from each our WCUG meetings are posted as a resource to you to review our discussions.
  • We will be introducing Training Sessions in addition to the usual WCUG meeting for both new users and intermediate users. As always we will continuw to be here for and 1 on 1 training you may need. Webinars may be available in the future as well as training videos.
  • Provide feedback to Nina Modi, email address n-modi@northwestern.edu

SAIT Site Redesign Update

Nina urged everyone to go through their current sites and really examine their content and remove files that are out of date, large files, and any content that is no longer relevant or timely while the Marketing Department begins to set up meetings with each department to discuss their needs for the redesign. When the redesign happens it will take some time to move everyone over and we really want everyone to take a good look at their pages before that happens. You are still representing your offices and you still need to be on top of your current sites.

Nina talked about how the servers work and how all items that you have put into Cascade, once published, resides on the NU Info server and large files, duplicate, items that have passed time wise, all take up space and slow the server down for everyone. That is why it is criticl that you UNPUBLISH any files that you delete, move or rename. There are 2 different processes for deleting vs. move/renaming files. Since the focus right now is to delete unecessary files before the redesign we are going to give you the stpes to properly delete a file from Cascade.

Jill explained that the Branding Committee has been meeting and making progress and the designers are working with developers in IT for some rough draft mock ups. Jeremy expressed concern that they would be part of the process and Jill assured everyone that the Marketing Deparment will be meeting with all departments one on one to discuss your needs before the design is complete. You will all be a part of the process.

Deleting a file in Cascade

steps on how to delete a file in cascade

  1.  mouse over file to highlight it
  2.  click the down arrow to the right of the file
  3.  scroll down that menu to select ‘delete’
  4.  in the window that appears, make sure you check the blue box for ‘unpublish content’
  5.  click ‘submit’
  6.  highlight your base folder
  7.  mouse over the base folder at top and scroll down the arrow to ‘publish’ when you are done        deleting files.

Inclusion Site

Lesley Ann discussed the process she went through in creating theis new department, working with Nina to accommodate her specific needs and the steps required to get the site live. Starting with creating the URL http://www.northwestern.edu/inclusion/, building her task force of students, creating a mission and working with legal to make sure it was accurate and appropriate.

She walked through all of the pages of her site and showed how she was able to get a lot of information up in a concise easy to navigate way. The website and her department is an ever growing process. And making sure the site stays current, fresh and functional is critical to effectiveness.

Nina added that this was a great example of the process of getting content up, addressing all of her departments issues and functionality.

Adjourn Meeting