Inaugural Meeting

Inaugural Meeting

Date: January 26th, 2012
Facilitator: Nina Modi
Note Takers: Jill Brazel, Nina Modi


Attendee Department
Regan Lindsay Dean of Students
Courtney Albinson Counseling and Psychological Services
Lopa Patel Graduate Housing
Danny Miller Greek Life
Corey Greek Life
Casey Spruill Multicultural Student Affairs
Charles Kellom Multicultural Student Affairs
Claire Kelly Multicultural Student Affairs
Josh McKenzie Orientation and Parent Programming
Bernie Foster Safe Ride
Allison May Students with Disabilities
Wendy Mathewson Religious Life
Virginia Koch Residential Life
Betsy Gill University Career Services
Jeremy Hopkins University Career Services

Introduction of Attendees

Attendees were asked to:

  • Introduce themselves, including department and role
  • Provide expectations of the group meeting
  • Summary of Expectations of group meeting:
    • Training
    • Information sharing
    • Learning about new cascade features
    • Social Media
    • Discuss how other departments use cascade and social media


Agenda Presenters
Introduction Nina Modi
Logistics Nina Modi
Status of DOSA websites Nina Modi
Our Expectations and Goals Nina Modi
Format of Meetings Nina Modi
Cascade Guide - draft Nina Modi
Demonstration of adding a new web page Chris Walker
Danny Miller
Slideshow Feature Jill Brazel
Status Nina Modi
Q & A/Feedback Nina/Chris/Jill

Introduction to Meeting

Welcome to the group and we appreciate the  participation. Our goal for these monthly group meetings is to provide training, resources, information and guidance so that each department will have all the support to maintain and enhance their websites.


  • Meetings will be held once a month.
  • Minutes will be recorded and posted on the SAIT website
  • Participation is important so that we can provide the appropriate support, training and resources
  • Group Members are driving the goals of future endeavors

Status of DOSA Websites

  • Recap of last years goals for the web group (consisting of Chris, Nina and Jill)
  • NUIT/Web Communications - Early in 2011 we were informed that NUIT was retiring the NUINFO server (where all departmental websites are hosted across campus. As a result Web Communications and NUIT informed all Divisions/Departments across campus that all sites had to be moved into the new content management system cascade by December 31 2011.
  • Phase 1 - Project Plan was developed to move all websites within Students Affairs (not including Norris/ Health Services)
  • Training and Resources – limited training and small staff provided challenges.  No option, self train and move forward
  • Departmental Websites- Websites were in 2 content management systems, Dreamweaver and Wordpress
  • New Design/Template - Created with web accessibility as a priority
  • Departmental Participation – We understood that departments do not have dedicated site managers and that it is an additional responsibility in addition to their full-time jobs.  So we want to acknowledge that we sincerely appreciate all the efforts and time commitments staff dedicated to their websites.
  • Meetings - Regular meetings were setup to develop a project plan to accommodate departmental work load and estimated time commitments  
  • Deadline of December 31st – was meet by December 12th
  • Approximately 25 websites were launched

Our Expectations and Goals

Expectations and goals for these meetings include:

  • Brainstorming ideas and concepts
  • Determining whether there are gaps in training and resources
  • Participation and information sharing
  • Goal setting to assist the web team on future endeavors

Format of Meeting

  • Monthly meetings - Will be last Thursday of the month
  • Dates - Will be posted on the SAIT website and Outlook proposals will be emailed
  • Agenda Items - Will be posted on the SAIT website and within Outlook
  • Future Topics, Features and Training - SAIT web determine but let us know if there is a particular topic that should be covered

Cascade Users Guide

  • Draft of Cascade Users Guide (pdf) was distributed to attendees. 
  • Users Guide is for reference and guidance
  • Updates will be made periodically
  • Feedback welcome
  • Guide will be added to the SAIT website

Demonstration of Creating a Page in Cascade and Naming Convention within Cascade

  • Chris asked Danny to demonstrate to attendees how to create a page in Cascade.
  • Danny presented and also mentioned that there were multiple different methods of adding a page and other features within cascade
  • Chris explained the difference between Display name, Title name and System name and how to create the different titles.Title is at top of page; System name in url, no spaces, lower case; Display name in breadcrumbs and Sitemap (perhaps keep it short)
  • Allison brought up error messages and how they pop up in Cascade and Nina explained how from time to time the server may be down and when messages pop up to read them

Slideshows in Cascade

  • Jill provided a how to on adding images to your slideshows (provided in guide)
  • There was a discussion about slideshows and accessibility and future potential for clickable slideshows and more options
  • Jill mentioned that departments could contact her if there were questions
  • Chris/Nina mentioned that if the slideshow feature was not present within the media directory to let them know and they would add


  • Charles asked about the differences between WordPress and Cascade and Chris explained some of the benefits of Cascade
  • Several people asked about the Workflow element of Cascade and Nina and Chris discussed researching making that available to all who are interested
  • Virginia asked about scheduling things to go live and come down at certain times, Chris said he thought that was an option but would research it
  • Betsy asked about the Search Box feature and Chris said he was working on that development for everyone that was also accessible
  • Chris stated he was working on the slideshow options, search box and drop down navigation going forward and would keep everyone updated.  He mentioned that it is just him and we are looking to hire someone to help with his development
  • Virginia asked Nina about designing content training and Nina agreed to make that part of an upcoming meeting.  She also discussed having more user demonstrations at future meetings, training sessions


  • NUIT were looking to hire for cascade development, so developments at the University level might be slower until that position gets filled
  • Nina updated group on her projects.  Including: Web writing skills, Google Analytics, Google Forms and the Social Media project from the VP office. This was a group project. This will be added to future meetings being a part of this conversation going forward
  • Jill updated group  with a brief discussion of the Social Media mandate and asked anyone with ideas or comments to send our way and she was working on putting together best practices and will keep everyone in the loop and ask for input thoughout the process