6.28.2012 Meeting

Facilitator: Nina Modi

Presenting: Alison May, Groups

Note Takers: Jill Brazel/Nina Modi


Attendee Department
Jessica Watson
Charles Kellom
Tony Kirchmeier Off Campus
Annaleah Tubbin
Paul Hubinsky URL
Chris Walker
Jill Brazel
Jim Roberts SAIT
Nina Modi
Lopa Patel Graduate Housing
Eric Budinski
Religious Life
Bernard Foster
Safe Ride
Josh McKenzie Orientation and Parent Programming
Virginia Koch
Residential Life
Dan Amato
Residential Life
Alison May Students With Disabilities
Jeremy Hopkins University Career Services
James McHaley Norris
Maggie Heffernan OFSL
Lance Watson Student Conduct
Susan Cushman NUHS-HPaW

Introduction of Attendees

Attendees were asked to:

  • Introduce themselves, including department and role
  • Provide expectations of the group meeting
Agenda Presenters
Introduction Nina Modi
Updates Nina Modi
Accessibility Update
Alison May
Breakout Sessions
Breakout Presentations Group

Introduction to Meeting

Welcome to the group and we appreciate the participation. Our goal for these monthly group meetings is to provide training, resources, information and guidance so that each department will have all the support to maintain and enhance their websites. We encourage everyone to attend as many meetings as possible. 

WCUG Updates

Accessibility Updates/Presentation

  • accessibility check on cascade directoryAccessibility checks in Cascade now also have a check for text links through out your site. Alison showed where you can find this in your Cascade directory. She discussed linking to documents in your text and after meeting with Tommy Carroll the best practice is to always include the .doc to whatever type of document you are linking to. (ie. "Student Handbook (pdf.doc)")
  • Always keep in mind consistency in your links.
  • Jessica Watson asked if slideshows with text were accessible and they are not at this time. Alison emphasized the importance of simple, clean sites and how it helps those with disabilities. Keeping pages to a maximum of 600 words is a best practice also.
  • Alison gave a brief Thank You to SAIT as they are about to launch their database system AIM.
  • Any accessiblity questions can be sent to Alison May's email.

Brainstorming Breakout Session

Nina informed the group that we are launching the Search widget as we have it and can make adjustments but it will be going live on all sites.

Last month Nina formed 2 groups, to discuss the following:

* not present at June 28, 2012 meeting

    Instructions for Brain Storming Activity (word doc)

    Group 1 - View Group 1's brainstorming board May 31 (.jpg)

    Virginia Koch - Scribe
    Dan Amato - Scribe
    Alison May
    Tony Kirchmeier
    Josh McKenzie
    Bernie Foster
    Charles Kellom
    *Courtney Brooks Albinson
    *Wendy Mathewson
    *Betsi Gill
    *Grace Kaufmann

    Group 2 - View Group 2's brainstorming board May 31 (.jpg)

    Jeremy Hopkins - Scribe
    Eric Budinski
    Lopa Patel
    Jessica Watson
    *Mark D'Arienzo
    Lance Watson
    *Kelli Conkey
    Susan Cushman
    Annaleah Tubbin
    James McHaley 

    Group 1 (Virginia Koch and Dan Amato) presented their findings:

    Presentation from Group 1 (Word doc)

    • Navigation: integrate drop down from tabs
    • Maps: Standardized campus map with interactivity allowing user to see what building is mentioned on a site and where it is and also include shuttle information and wild card discounts, etc.
    • Issuu: Used in NSFP, getting a master account for the division so we can all use the bookshelf concept for showing our documents, newsletters, etc.
    • Search tool: Discussion about most students not knowing what DOSA is so using the entire university to search but prioritizing DOSA results.
    • Social Media Bar: Liked it and thought everyone should have it, also include social media links within email signatures. Also discussed some departments that may want to have some level of privacy as far as Facebook (SSD).
    • Google Analytics: Should be accessible to all departments, very helpful tool.
    • Education Advisory Board: NU is a member and we have access to research they offer.
    • All DOSA departments should have full bios and staff info listed on their sites.
    • Would love more training in Cascade on an ongoing basis.

    Group 2 (Eric Budinski) presented their findings:

    Presentation from Group 2 June 28 ( photograph -jpg file)

    • Navigation: Redundant and blocks text, more discussion about dropping down from tabs.
    • Social Media: Would love the social media platform to open in a new window instead of taking user away from NU site. Thought is was distracting to follow when you scroll. Discussion of placement on page with group.
    • Banner takes up space on page. Trying to have less scrolling. Discussion of font size and type.
    • Search tool: Hidden, make the whole box static.
    • Anchors: not present on all pages.
    • Calendars: lots of redundancy and need for a standardized calendar. Discussion of Planit Purple and no students use it vs. Google calendar. Possibly coming up with a SA calendar.
    • Note to all users to keep text minimal and go through your sites and edit. BE DIRECT IN WHAT YOU OFFER.
    • Would love more specific training sessions, all day classroom.
    • Bullet points too fancy, not sure they are bullet points.
    • Home, too fancy, spell out.

    Nina will follow up with a summary and next steps via an email.