5.31.2012 Meeting

Facilitator: Nina Modi

Presenting: Alison May

Note Takers: Jill Brazel/Nina Modi


Attendee Department
Jessica Watson
Claire Kelly MSA
Tony Kirchmeier Off Campus
Mark D'Arienzo Housing
Chris Walker
Jill Brazel
Nina Modi
Lopa Patel Graduate Housing
Eric Budinski
Religious Life
Bernard Foster
Safe Ride
Josh McKenzie Orientation and Parent Programming
Virginia Koch
Residential Life
Dan Amato
Residential Life
Alison May Students With Disabilities
Jeremy Hopkins University Career Services

Introduction of Attendees

Attendees were asked to:

  • Introduce themselves, including department and role
  • Provide expectations of the group meeting
Agenda Presenters
Introduction Nina Modi
Updates Nina Modi
Accessibility Update
Alison May
Accessibility Presentation
Alison May
Breakout Sessions

Introduction to Meeting

Welcome to the group and we appreciate the participation. Our goal for these monthly group meetings is to provide training, resources, information and guidance so that each department will have all the support to maintain and enhance their websites. We encourage everyone to attend as many meetings as possible. 

WCUG Updates

  • The minutes from each our WCUG meetings are posted as a resource to you to review our discussions.
  • A new version of Cascade is due to be released over the summer and we will keep everyone updated when that gets implemented with the new features.
  • A new site has been launched called Respect NU, regarding the Universitys policies, procedures, resources and definitions on bias incidents and a method to report any incidents on campus for students, staff and faculty.
  • We also now have video capabilities if you have any video needs in your department you can contact Jill Brazel via email.
  • Provide feedback to Nina Modi, email address n-modi@northwestern.edu

Accessibility Updates

  • Tommy Carroll met with Web Comm to discuss NU's overall home page accessibility and changes that need to be made to make it accessible.
  • Any accessiblity questions can be sent to Alison May's email.

Accessibility Presentation

Basic Best Practices for Web Accessibility 

Guidelines for Alt Text

1. Does the picture belong on the page?

  • Alt text can be used to make a picture fit, but not ideal approach

2. Keep the alt text concise but descriptive

3. If the picture is linked, are the picture and link logically related?

  • Indicate “click to enlarge” in the alt text if appropriate
  • Demonstration of creating/breaking a link in Cascade

4. Use your accessibility-check script in Cascade to review your alt tags.

Guidelines for Naming Links

1. Similar to alt text, try to make the link name informative so that someone searching the page just by link names could readily identify the desired link.

  • Avoid naming links “click here,” “click this,” “click the image,” etc.

2. Forewarn the user that s/he’ll be visiting an external website, opening a document, and, if you must set up a link this way, open a new browser window.

  • Include “(.doc)(.pdf)” or “(external site)” in the link unless it’s obviously an external site (e.g., Google).

3. Avoid using the same link name for different pages.

  • Last month’s UCS example of its 2 different CareerCat links (one for students, one for faculty/staff) that were both named “CareerCat.”

4. Be consistent: give a link to a specific page the same name throughout your site.

  • It may not always be possible given the context in which the link appears, but try to get it close enough so that someone using only the links knows if s/he has already visited a particular link/page.

Brainstorming Breakout Session

Nina formed 2 groups, to discuss the following:

Instructions for Brain Storming Activity (word doc)

Group 1 - View Group 1's brainstorming board (.jpg)

Virginia Koch - Scribe
Dan Amato - Scribe
Alison May
Tony Kirchmeier
Josh McKenzie
Bernie Foster
*Charles Kellom
*Courtney Brooks Albinson
*Wendy Mathewson
*Betsi Gill
*Grace Kaufmann

Group 2 - View Group 2's brainstorming board (.jpg)

Jeremy Hopkins - Scribe
Eric Budinski
Lopa Patel
Jessica Watson
Claire Kelly
Mark D'Arienzo
*Jim Neumeister
*Kelli Conkey
*Susan Cushman
*Corey Sampsel
*Annaleah Tubbin

* - Staff who were not present but are assigned groups.  Contact the scribe of your group to provide feedback by the next meeting on June 28th, 2012.

Scribes will continue to solicit feedback, especially staff who were not present but have been assigned groups (*).

At the June 28th, 2012 meeting, there will be 30 minutes of brainstorming and then each group will present for 15 minutes.

If you have any questions contact Nina Modi anytime via email or phone anytime 847-467-2423.