Responsibilities Of SharePoint Site Owners and SAIT

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Responsibilities Of SharePoint Site Owners

  • Training - Site owners must complete 6 hours of SharePoint training available for free through NUIT (SharePoint Owner Resources) before beginning work on their SharePoint site.  Offsite training is also available at cost, but is optional.
  • Managing Your SharePoint Site - Site owners are responsible for designing and organizing their sites and subsites, including creating and managing site workflows and user permissions.
  • Departmental Communication - Site owners should communicate site goals and benefits to end users in their unit. Site owners should answer site-specific questions from their units; support questions should be elevated to SAIT by site owners only when there appears to be a technical error in the functioning of the site.
  • SharePoint Issues - Site owners should remain up-to-date on known SharePoint issues. These can be found on NUIT's Collaboration Services: Known Behaviours (Sharepoint).
  • University Policy - Site owners and users are responsible for following all university policies, including:
    NUIT's appropriate Use of Electronic Resources policy.
    Other applicable regulations and guidelines (HIPAA, FERPA, etc.).
    Any questions on acceptable hosting of protected information should be sent to:

Responsibilities Of SAIT

  • SAIT will requisition SharePoint sites from NUIT on behalf of Student Affairs departments.
  • SAIT will work with NUIT to resolve any technical issues discovered by site owners or end users during the course of SharePoint usage.