Product Acquisition

Selection of a technology product for use at Northwestern University requires consideration of a number of factors to determine whether it is compatible with the NU technology environment, complies with security standards, and meets functional needs. This process requires the participation of SAIT, NUIT, Office of General Counsel, and the requesting department. The best approach to navigating this process is to contact SAIT as early as possible.

The first step in the product acquisition process involves filling out the SAIT Project Request Form. Once your project has been reviewed and if approved by the Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT),  Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT) will guide you through the process depicted below.

A: Selection Phase

  1. Research functional requirements
  2. Select candidate product/RFP
  3. Evaluate product functionality, demos, vendor and product maturity
  4. Prioritize list of candidates

B.  Evaluation Phase

  1. Phase 1 –Environmental compatibility
  2. Phase 2 –Quality and requirements compatibility
  3. Phase 3 – Accessibility
  4. Phase 4 – Support and training
  5. Overall product rating

C.  Technical/Contract Phase

  1. SAIT Technical compatibility assessment
  2. NUIT Security and contract assessment
  3. Office of General Counsel assessment

D.  Execution/Installation Phase

  1. Budget allocation and approval
  2. Hardware and systems allocation
  3. Licenses and software acquisition
  4. System installation schedule

E.  Training

  1. Schedule dates with vendor and staff
  2. Training

F. Closing

  1. Document newly installed system/product
  2. Securely recycle old equipment/systems if applicable