Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT) has developed the following project request process, to encourage departments to place project requests as soon as information becomes available. A project includes a product acquistion, review the Product Acquisition Information to review the process. If projects are approved they can be tracked on Project Status.

Student Affairs Information Technology project request process assists of the following :

Step 1

SAIT help buttonSubmitting the project request via the following link:

Step 2

The Student Affairs Leadership Team will meet during the following months to review project requests for the coming academic quarter and beyond:

  • Feb
  • May
  • August
  • November

Requests will be discussed and graded against 14 established criteria (see below). A project request’s priority will be guided by its cumulative score on all of the criteria:

Project Request Evaluation Criteria

  1. Is this project required by law or mandated by the University?
  2. Is the project required for safety, emergencies, or crisis response?
  3. Does this project support Student Affairs Strategic Themes?
  4. Is the project required to sustain operations?
  5. Is there a positive return on investment?
  6. Does this project benefit more than one department?
  7. Will the project improve staff ability to provide services to students?
  8. Does the project alleviate identified student dissatisfaction?
  9. Has the project scope been defined?
  10. Is the effort reasonably relative to the expected benefits?
  11. Has funding been secured?
  12. Do we have the expertise required to complete and support the project?
  13. Is the technology mature, or does the Division have experience with it?
  14. Does the project have the sponsorship of a member of SALT?

Step 3

If projects are approved, a member of the Student Affairs Information Technology staff will contact the department to plan the project.