Embedded Content Policy

This policy applies to third-party content (not native to Cascade) that is embedded on Division of Student Affairs web sites.   Embedded content is any code taken from a third party vendor and inserted into the HTML view of cascade.  Some examples of embedded content currently used are ISSU, Google forms, and Google calendars.  Not all embedded products are appropriate for the Cascade web content management system in use by the Division.  It is important to solicit feedback from SAIT before embedding content because there may be compatibility and accessibility issues and credential support concerns.  Providing a structured review and implementation procedure for embedding content will help ensure a consistent user experience.

Departments are asked to follow these procedures when planning to embed content on web sites:

Contact SAIT as soon as possible when considering a third-party embedded content solution and provide:

  1. Product
  2. Product URL
  3. Business need for the product
  4. Timeframe for implementation
  5. Department strategy to support the product, including management of staff turnover, maintenance of usernames/passwords, and version upgrades.

SAIT will review the embedded product with regard to the following criteria and follow-up with the requesting department regarding the appropriateness of the embedded content product:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Long-term maintainability
  • Breath of applicability for other Student Affairs departments
  • Departmental support plans

Version 1.0 (February 15,2013)