Previewing a Page

After you finish editing a page and have clicked submit, you should first preview your page before publishing it.  To do this, you should click the preview tab near the top of the Cascade editing window.  Using this option, you can see your webpage as it would appear on your website.   


Once you check the preview, it is time to publish your page.  There is a difference between publishing a folder, page, and entire website.  Unless you are making major changes to the entire make-up of the website you should NEVER publish the entire website.  Most of the time you will only be publishing one page or one folder.

How to Publish a Page: 

NOTE: If you are publishing a folder, click on the name of the folder in the navigation and start at Step 3.  

Step 1: Make the edits to the page and click submit.

Step 2: Check for a green confirmation bar at the top of the page saying that your edits were successful.

Step 3: Click the publish option near the top of the Cascade editing window.

Step 4: Click submit and you will receive a green confirmation bar at the top of the page. 

Publish Success

Your website has now been added to the publishing queue.

After several minutes, verify that your webpage has been published by clicking on Home and checking Outstanding items.

These changes do not necessarily appear instantaneously on your website.  You may have to wait a few minutes for the server to process and institute these changes.  DO NOT REPEATEDLY CLICK SUBMIT.  You only need to click the submit button ONCE for your request to be submitted and queued for uploading.