How To Insert An Image In Cascade

 Inserting an Image

To Insert an Image:

  1. Place your cursor in the area desired for the image, and then click on the insert image icon on the toolbar.
  2. The insert image window will appear.
  3. Click on the internal tab to insert an image that you have previously uploaded to Cascade.  (If you have not yet uploaded the image refer to section 3.1 for more information).
  4. Click the orange box with the brackets to open a new window which will allow you to select an image to insert. 
  5. Populate the Alternate Text field with the text representation of the image.
  6. Click Insert.

The Style drop down menu has one main purpose in your use of Cascade, alignment of images.  Instead of using the conventional align buttons located in the top toolbar, you should make sure to use the Style drop down menu. Simply click on the image that you wish to change the alignment of and then choose the proper option from the drop down Style’s menu. 

Note: If you decide that you want to change the alignment of an image after you have already used the alignment button you must click on the image and then the erase all formatting button.  BE CAREFUL THAT YOU ONLY HAVE THE IMAGE HIGHLIGHTED AS YOU CANNOT UNDO THIS OPERATION.