Adding Tables In Cascade

The following steps provide instruction on how to add tables within cascade.  It is recommended to first draft the table contents and layout of rows and columns before following the steps below.

Step 1 - Opening up the cascade editor

  • Login to Cascade.
  • Open a web page where a table is to be added.
  • Place the cursor at the start of a new line in the location of the web page where a table should be added.
  • Select the edit option within cascade.
  • The WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) editing options will display at the top of the web page:

wysiwyg editing options with adding a table option highlighted

Step 2 - Adding a table

  • From the WYSIWYG editor select the Insert A Table option.

cascade adding a table wysiwug icon- Insert A Table icon

Step 3 - Selecting the styled-table option

The following window will open:

inserting and editting a table in cascade screen shot

  • Column - Number of columns for the table.
  • Rows - Number of rows for the table.
  • Class - Click on the down arrow and select styled-table
  • Table Caption - Check the Table Caption option if a caption is to be added to the table.
  • Insert - After all necessary selections have been made click on Insert.

Step 4 - Adding the table caption and column headings

After clicking Insert the following image will show up on the web page:

inserting a cascade table

  • Table Caption - Area where you would type the table caption information (if selected).
    If additional formatting is required, highlight table caption text and use the WYSIWYG formating options.
  • Column Headings - Area where the column headings would be added. Click the column headings area to type headings. To move to the next column use the tab key.

NOTE: The table caption and column headings areas will expand automatically depending on the length of the text.

Step 5 - Editing the column headings

A. Accessing Cell Properties

  • To add the Column Headings, right click on the "1st Column Heading" entry.
  • From the options select Cell -> Table Cell Properties.

table cell properties screenshot

B. Changing Cell Properties

The following window will appear:

  • Select Cell Type change selection to Header.
  • Select Scope change selection to Column.

table cell properties selections

Repeat Steps 5A and 5B for the remainder of columns in the table.

Example of setting up a table

Visit Example Of Setting Up A Table for a step by step exercise on how to setup a table.

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