Making and Publishing a Slideshow

A slideshow can be added to your Cascade website. The slideshow should primarily be used for photos or very simple ‘ads’ or brief updates. At this time you cannot link from a slideshow, you can only show information or images.

Slideshow Images

Slideshow Image

The image file size for slideshows is 448 pixels wide by 275 pixels high at 72 dpi.
Review the image above for recommended text and image.
Note: Under the slideshow is a link to provide further details and information.

How to Create a Slideshow

Slideshow LocationThe Navigation menu contains a folder called Media in that folder there should be a folder called Slideshows. If this option is not available contact .  Within the Slideshow folder you can create a new folder called Homeshow assuming your slideshow will be on your home page.  If you choose to have more than one slideshow you can name the others accordingly.

Adding Images to the Slideshow

Add a slideshowYou can add your images to the Homeshow folder by clicking on the New button on the top Toolbar and proceed to the File option.  Browse your desktop to retrieve your files for the slideshow. Click Submit .  The files should appear in your slideshow. Continue to follow this process for each file to be added to the slideshow.

Publishing the Slideshow

To publish the slideshow follow the steps in the section on publishing.