Navigating within Cascade

After loggin into Cascade, the following home screen provides the functionality to create web pages, edit content and upload files.

Navigating Files and Folders

navigating within cascade screen shotUsing the base folder asset tree found in the left side of the screen, click the Collapse All (-) and Expand All (+) icons to reveal folder structure

Quick Tips - System and File Names

  • System names - System names may not have spaces or special characters. Use lower case.
  • Optimizing the file names - Use hyphens between words rather than juxtaposing words directly together, as web pages will be better optimized for search engines (i.e., use "staff-information" rather than "staffinformation").
  • Index pages - Every folder has to have an index page (the main landing page for that folder).
  • URL for web pages - System names will appear as a html document extension on the live page. For example, the index page is within the faqs folder. The URL of the faqs index page reads: