Creating A New Web Page

Create a New Page

Use the following steps to create a new webpage.

  1. Use the tree architecture of the website in the left sidebar to navigate and select the folder where the new page will reside.
  2. Select the New tab on the top menu bar and navigate to New > Page.
  3. Your main screen should now display the Create New Page menu.
  4. Under the “Inline Metadata” tab complete the following sections
    • Display name: This is a required field.  Insert the name of this page.  This should be shorter than the full page title.  This name will be the page’s default System name. 
    • Title: This is a required field.  This should have the full name of the page and it will appear in the top right corner of the webpage.
  5. Scroll down and fill in Body Contents using the editor window.  This section can be edited just as you would using a standard word processor. 
  6. Note: Refer to WYSIWYG for more information on using the editor window.
  7. When you have finished with your edits, press the submit button.  A preview of what your page will look like will then appear.  However, your page has NOT been published to the live site. 
  8. Note:  For more information on publishing your webpages/website visit the publishing page.