Cascade Training Syllabi

Cascade and Web Content Accessibility Training

SAIT provides Cascade training with an introduction to web content accessibility.  The following Cascade training syllabi provides a guideline for the topics covered during the training sessions:

Introduction to Cascade and Web Content Accessibility

Getting Started

  • Introduction to content management systems
  • Introduction to Cascade
  • Introduction to web content accessibility
  • Accessing Cascade
  • Login into Cascade
  • Navigating files and folders

Creating Web Pages from Basic Page Asset Factory

  • Understanding basic page architecture
  • Create a new web page
  • Creating a folder with the addition of index file

Asset Management

  • Uploading a file or image
  • Editing an uploaded asset

Editing Web Pages in Cascade's CMS – Cascades Editing Screen (WYSIWYG)

  • Inserting an image – with alt tags for accessibility
  • Inserting a hyperlink
  • Using styles and headers for accessibility
  • Previewing a page
  • Publishing

Intermediate Cascade

The following training is provided to SAIT Cascade users after they have completed the Introduction to Cascade and Web Accessibility training plus applied some of the skills obtain during the training:

Web Content

  • Importing content from external sources
  • Editing/writing web content for accessibility using Cascade
  • Creating and editing web content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using cascade features

Asset Management

  • Deleting an asset
  • Moving or renaming an asset

Accessibility Checker

  • Features of the accessibility checker
  • Editing your content

Advanced Cascade

This training session is for experienced users of Cascade who want to learn advanced features of Cascade, web documents and HTML:


  • Introduction to accessible tables
  • Table design
  • Tables in Cascade
  • Creating an accessible table
  • Responsive tables


  • Introduction to HTML
  • Cascade and HTML – toggle

Word and PDF documents

  • When to use Word documents
  • When to use PDFs


  • Google forms and Google calendars
  • ISSU
  • YouTube Videos