Uploading Files In Cascade

Uploading a File or Image

Upload downloadable files to their proper folders.  For example: PDFs should be uploaded to the following location Base folder/media/pdfs; and Word docs go to Base folder/media/images, etc.

To upload a new file to Cascade, follow these instructions:
  1. Navigate to the folder where your file should be uploaded.  Remember that the file type will dictate to which folder your file should be uploaded.
  2. Select the New tab located on the top navigation bar and select New > File.
  3. Your screen will now display the Create File menu.
  4. If you would like to give your file a different name than the current one, fill in the System Name field, otherwise the file’s current name will be used.
     Remember to add the proper extension if you choose to rename your file (.pdf for PDFs, .jpg or .gif for images, and .doc for word-docs)
  5. Click the Choose File button.
  6. A new browsing window will appear.  Navigate to and select the file you wish to upload.
  7. Click submit and your file will be uploaded for use on your website.  

Editing an Uploaded Asset

If you wish to replace an uploaded document or image with an updated version, you may edit the current asset instead of creating a new one.  This will automatically update all links to that asset from other page.

  1. Navigate to the asset to be updated.
  2. Click the edit tab.
  3. Click the choose file button next to File Upload.
  4. A new browsing window will appear.  Navigate to and select the new file you wish to upload.

Click submit.  The file will now be updated

Content Guidelines for Photos

When uploading an image here are some things to know beforehand:

It is important that the images we place on our sites are consistent and look professional and high quality. You are welcome and encouraged to submit all photos to jill brazel for touch up and review before uploading to your site. While we realize many of you will want to upload snapshots you have taken from events, here are some common sense guidelines to help keep your sites looking nice:

  • No red eye
  • Crop to the important part of the subject and crop out distracting things
  • Keep an eye out for food or trash in the foreground (this is common at a lot of meetings)
  • Crop whenever you can anything like that out of the photo
  • Make sure the image is light enough and has enough contrast so that it is easy to see.


It is critical to size your photos prior to uploading them to Cascade. Here are the basic sizes you need to know.

  • 450x300 standard large image
  • 350x233 medium image
  • 250x167 small image
  • headshots 162x230 vertical (meet the staff pages)
  • all at 72 dpi saved for web as jpeg at 60%
  • generally align right in the screen
  • all in image folder within media folder
  • always name original file all lower case, no spaces, hyphens