Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS)

Incoming students often have a difficult time adjusting to college from high school, which can be due to common stressors such as: medical, mental health, personal or family crisis, illness, or injury. These life events can interfere with a student’s ability to be successful at Northwestern. The Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS) team coordinates referrals and services for students to campus and community resources to promote well-being.  The SASS unit’s goal is to remove obstacles by creating a well-coordinated network of services that allow students to close the gap on any potential barriers to academic, co-curricular and social well-being.

Every student's situation is unique, so it can be difficult to determine how serious a situation might be and which referrals might be helpful. When a challenging situation arises, a student or family may find it difficult to navigate the many resources and services that are available at NU. Meeting with a SASS team member is often a good starting place. SASS members are available to consult with students, faculty, staff, families and community members/providers to determine the best approach to the student's current situation.

Medical Leave of Absence FAQ's