Dillo Day Information

students enjoying the 2013 dillo day entertainment

students enjoying dillo day activities

students enjoying dillo day activities

Dillo Day is open to Northwestern undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff and alumni, guests of Northwestern undergraduates (18+), and members of the Evanston community. Evanston community members under the age of 19 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 25. All attendees must have a wristband to attend Dillo Day.

Please read all official policies, including the full official wristband policy, at dilloday.com/info.

Updated Guest Policies

NU undergrads are permitted to register a maximum of one guest (18+) until guest wristbands are sold out. Only NU undergrads may register for a guest wristband. Guest wristband registration will be made available in the following blocks, allowing NU undergrads multiple opportunities to register for one:

Wristband Policies

Every NU undergraduate is guaranteed a wristband as long as they pick it up in person during one of the scheduled distribution times.There will be a limited number of wristbands for all other permitted Dillo Day attendees (NU grad students, faculty, staff, alumni, guests of NU undergrads, and Evanston residents).

Wristband registration begins for all Dillo Day attendees on 4/11. All wristband registration will take place on the Norris Box Office website, except for alumni wristbands, which will be available through the Northwestern Alumni Association website. NU undergrads MUST register their guests through Norris Box Office; guests CANNOT register themselves. Guest registration occurs in several stages to ensure that NU undergrads have many opportunities to register a guest.

After registering, everyone who wants to attend Dillo Day must pick up a wristband at an official distribution time and location. The distribution sessions are:

  • Saturday, May 14: Norris Louis Lobby (2nd Floor), 11 am — 6 pm
  • Sunday, May 15: Norris Ground Floor, 11 am — 6 pm
  • Monday, May 16: Norris Ground Floor, 11 am — 6 pm
  • Tuesday, May 17: Norris Ground Floor, 11 am — 6 pm
  • Wednesday, May 18: Norris Northwestern Room (202): 11 am — 5 pm
  • Thursday, May 19: Norris Northwestern Room (202): 11 am — 6 pm
  • Friday, May 20: Norris Ground Floor, 11 am — 6 pm

NOTE: NU undergrads, grad students, faculty, and staff must pick up their wristband on or before May 20 at 6 pm. There will be no day-of wristband distribution for NU students, grad students, faculty, and staff, and they will not be admitted to Dillo Day on May 21 without a wristband. NU alumni, who register through the Northwestern Alumni Association website, will pick up their wristbands on Dillo Day (May 21, 2016), location TBD. NU alumni must bring a valid state-issued ID.

Entrance to Dillo Day

Dillo Day attendees are allowed to exit and re-enter Dillo Day as they please; however, all attendees looking to enter Dillo Day must do so through our main entrance near the Norris University Center where all wristbands will be checked and bags will be inspected.

In Case of Rain

Dillo Day can happen in the rain. However, some severe weather conditions can create an emergency situation that poses a risk to the festival and its attendees. These conditions include, but are not limited to high force winds, lightning, and tornadoes, and can be cause for delays, postponement, or cancellation at the discretion of Mayfest, NUPD, Evanston Fire Department, Evanston Police Department, Dillo Day event staff, and NU administrators.

In the case of an emergency the Lakefill will be evacuated, and all updates will be communicated via the Dillo Day iOS application and our Twitter, and Facebook pages. Mayfest will update attendees through these platforms as the parties involved assess the situation and deem the Lakefill safe to be occupied again.