NUhelp is designed to provide community members with access to university resources and services that serve NU students.  You may share a concern for a student, identify safety and security resources, discover health and wellness programs, and find academic assistance specific to a college/school.

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Residential Neighborhood Desks

  • Allison Front Desk: (847) 467-5800
    • Covers: 1835 Hinman, Allison, Chapin, East Fairchild, Jones, Public Affairs (PARC), Shepard, West Fairchild, Willard
  • Foster-Walker Front Desk: (847) 467-5802
    • Covers: 626 Emerson, 630 Emerson (Hobart House), 720 Emerson (SAI), 1856 Orrington, Foster-Walker, North Mid-Quads, Rogers House, Seabury, South Mid-Quads
  • Kemper Front Desk: (847) 467-5801
    • Covers: 2303 Sheridan (CCS & GREEN House), Ayers, Bobb, Elder, Goodrich, Kemper, Lindgren, McCulloch, Sargent, Slivka

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Academic Resources & Support

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