Meet the Student Staff

The Dean of Students has a team of students who assist with the operations of the office.

Kristian Ayala

Kristian Ayala, a senior majoring in English Literature, has worked at the DOS office for the last three years. He grew up in El Paso, Texas.

Stephanie Fuerte

Stephanie is a dedicated student employee having worked in the Dean’s Office since her freshman year. She works with many departments within the Division of Student Affairs and assists all guests who enter the office. She has helped organize large campus events and was instrumental in disseminating safety and conduct information throughout Evanston neighborhoods for the annual Dillo Day festival.  Stephanie is currently a senior in the Medill School of Journalism pursuing a career as a news reporter. Outside of class, Stephanie serves on the exec board for Students for Ecological Development and interns with ABC News.

Alex VanAtta

Alex is a senior in McCormick, majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences. In addition to his current role as ASG's Executive Vice President, he is the Leadership Development Coordinator for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Alex loves a lot of things, including the following: coffee, photography, swimming, tennis, music, going to concerts, and the occasional move night with friends. This is his first year in the Dean of Students Office!