Meet the Student Staff

The Dean of Students has a team of students who assist with office operations.

Camille Brittain

Camille is a senior Gender Studies major. She has been working in the Dean of Students Office since her freshman year. She likes architecture, interior design, fashion, video games, good TV shows and funny books. When not reading for class, she sometimes goes to shows and talks on campus. She’d like to travel and taste food around the world someday.

Ryan McFarlin

Ryan is a junior religious studies major from Glenwood, Iowa. Outside of the office he is an athletic training aide for the Northwestern University Wrestling team and involved in the leadership of the Northwestern RUF. Ryan enjoys a great many things, including a good cup of coffee, hiking, football, and pseudo-intellectual conversations. He has worked with in the Dean of Students Office since Fall 2014.


Senay enjoys the nickname Shiny. She graduated from a New Jersey High School but likes to think of Washington state as her home. In any spare time she can get her hands on, she enjoys low-budget and spontaneous travelling, beaches, dancing in the night, comedy shows, volunteering, and lastly, seeing where the world may take her open-minded and adventurous self. As a junior, she studies computer science and economics. Even more, she likes to invest her time in activities she's not a natural at, such as skiing, yoga, hiking, sailing, and cycling.

Wesley Mann

Wesley is a junior Weinberg student majoring in Neuroscience of Language and Human Communication. He has been working at the Dean of Students Office since he was a freshman. He enjoys old movies, sports, and funny banter. Wesley is always happy to help and will do so with a smile!

Elleana Sheppard

Elleana is a junior Cultural Anthropology major. She is from sunny California, but very much enjoys the seasons of Evanston.  In her free time to likes to write poetry and make jewelry. She one day dreams of riding an elephant and traveling to all 50 states.