Freshmen Emerging Leaders Program (FELP)

What is FELP?

student presenting at freshman emerging leadership programThe Freshmen Emerging Leaders Program (FELP) offers students an introduction to fundamental leadership concepts and an insight into applying those throughout their time at Northwestern. The mission of FELP is to further the development of first-year students’ demonstrated leadership abilities, while networking with other emerging leaders from across campus. FELP sessions are co-facilitated by one FELP graduate and one Northwestern staff member.

Guided activities help students to recognize and/or clarify their values, and to better understand how they interact within diverse contexts.

Some of the most highly rated activities each year include:

  • Strengths Quest
  • "This I Believe" essays
  • Student/staff led resource information panel

During either the winter or spring quarter session, facilitators and freshmen collaborate to personalize the FELP experience for each FELP group. At the end of the eight-week program, students are equipped to apply their leadership insights to groups/organizations on campus and in the community.

Who participates in FELP?

During the fall and winter quarters, standout members of the freshmen class are nominated by student affairs professionals and other Northwestern leaders. Freshmen are encouraged to nominate themselves as well. FELP participants commit to further develop their leadership abilities, while networking with a diverse group of emerging leaders and facilitators from many areas across campus. FELP alumni are active participants in many aspects of the Northwestern community and several return to serve as upperclassmen facilitators of the program.)

When is FELP?

FELP is offered twice each year in Winter or Spring Quarter. Applicants preference either quarter and then participate in an eight-week seminar.

Nominate a freshmen

Check back for the 2014 nomination form during Fall Quarter

Questions or comments?

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