Space Allocation

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) have the opportunity to apply for space in the Norris Center each April. The Norris Space Allocation Committee, led by the Coordinator of Student Theatre and Performing Arts Organizations reviews applications and assigns the limited space each May.

Space Allocation Policies

Review the space alloation policies information below before applying for space at Norris:

Space Allocation policies (pdf)

Space Descriptions

  • Office Space: (varying sizes) Office space is generally shared; number in office is dependent upon size of office and student organization dynamics
  • Located on third floor
  • Closet Space: (varying sizes) Closet space is generally shared by two or more student organizations
  • Located on third floor
  • Locker Space: (22” wide x 3’ high x 3’ deep)
  • Located on second floor, west wall
  • Mailboxes
  • Located on the third floor next to Office N