International Travel

International travel requires a number of additional steps. Make sure you begin talking to your advisor no fewer than 6 weeks before you intend to travel. Additionally, please feel free to contact CSI for any additional support we can provide regarding international travel policy.

  1. Schedule a meeting with your advisor at least 6 weeks prior
  2. Bring to meeting the following:
    1. Purpose
    2. Tentative travel plan including:                 
      1. Where you want to go
      2. What organization or vendor you’d like to work with and/or conference or retreat you’d like to attend
  3. Note: All international travel must be approved through Julie Friend by submitting the Rubric for Assessing International Community Partnership Development(pdf)--will open in new window.
  4. Follow International Travel Activities Checklist (pdf)--will open in new window
    1. RSO Risk Management and Emergency Response Plan SAMPLE (pdf)--will open in new window