New Policies Page


Student Handbook ( The Northwestern University Student Handbook describes the expectations for behavior and conduct in the Northwestern community and outlines the procedures to be followed when these expectations are not met.

Student Code of Conduct ( The “rules” of the university that discusses prohibited conduct in addition to other campus policies.

Responsible Action Protocol ( Northwestern students are expected to alert appropriate officials in the event of any health or safety emergency — specifically including those involving the abuse of alcohol or drugs — even if violations of the Student Code of Conduct may have occurred in connection with such an emergency. Because the University understands that fear of possible disciplinary actions may unnecessarily deter certain requests for emergency assistance, the University has adopted the following Responsible Action Protocol to alleviate such concerns and promote responsible action on the part of students. The primary parts of this protocol include: contacting emergency officials to report an incident, remaining with the individual(s) needing treatment and cooperate with emergency personnel as along as it is safe to do so, and meet with University officials after the incident and cooperate with any investigation.