OSC resources


Health Promotion and Wellness (http://www.nuhs.northwestern.edu/evanston/ed/Default.aspx): The Office of Student Conduct partners with Health Promotion and Wellness to educate students about making healthy choices with alcohol and other drugs in addition to referrals to the Brief Alcohol and Other Drug Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) from student conduct outcomes.

Off Campus Life (http://www.northwestern.edu/offcampus/): Student Conduct directly partners with Off-Campus life to ensure students are finding a “home” off campus and ensuring they are being good stewards of the off campus community. OSCCR may refer students to Off Campus Life to learn more about building partnerships with the community and best practices for event planning at off campus houses.

Center for Awareness, Response, and Education (http://www.northwestern.edu/care/): OSCCR patners with CARE to ensure victims of sexual violence feel supported and connected in a confidential space.

Fraternity and Sorority Life (http://www.northwestern.edu/gogreek/): OSCCR works directly with OFSL to support the men and women affiliated with Greek-letter organizations on campus and aid them in making safe and healthy choices. OSCCR has done presentations with OFSL and the chapter leadership. OSCCR also responds to incidents organizations are implicated in and partner with them to resolve any violations that may have occurred.

City Ordinances (http://www.northwestern.edu/offcampus/living-in-evanston/evanston-ordinances/index.html): These are a variety of city ordinances that students may find helpful as they live off campus or participate in the Evanston community.

Resources Available to survivors of sexual assault (http://www.northwestern.edu/student-conduct/media/pdfs/Sexual-Assault-Response-and-Resource-Guide.pdf): Lists a variety of resources beyond CARE.

Consent to Release Records (http://www.northwestern.edu/student-conduct/records/index.html): Students may sign a consent form authorizing the University to release or discuss the details of a student's conduct record or disciplinary incident.