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Strategic Plan Update 2013

We have just completed a remarkably successful academic year at Northwestern, and we are pleased to share with you an update on the progress of the University’s strategic plan, Northwestern Will.  This strategic plan update (PDF) provides a summary of the significant number of initiatives that have been put into motion in the 18 months since the plan was first unveiled.

As the update notes, these initiatives have originated in many areas across the University, which is as it should be. A Catalyst Workgroup has been doing an admirable job of encouraging conversations and actions to support the plan, and the ideas and initiatives encompass all areas of Northwestern.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to read the update. Although it does not detail everything that has been undertaken in the past year, we think you will find it an excellent summary of what has been done and the future directions in which the strategic plan is leading us.


Morton Schapiro

Dan Linzer