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Seven workgroups were identified as Phase I workgroups in the Planning Framework. Over 125 faculty, administrators, and students participated in a workgroup February - June 2010.

The 21 member Branding and Communications workgroup met from November 2010 to October 2011.

Phase I
I. Areas of Distinction: Scholarship, Research, and Creative Work
II. Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
III. Beyond the Classroom
IV. Globalization
V. Diversity and Inclusion
VI. Strategic Partnerships
VII. Purple Sky
Phase II
VIII. Branding and Communications

Workgroup Charge

Workgroup members have been selected to represent the broad spectrum of the Northwestern community. Therefore, it is expected that participants serve as conduits, bringing information to and from the workgroup, so that recommendations represent the best thinking among not only the workgroup members, but among the entire community. Workgroups should therefore actively solicit proposals and ideas from throughout the University.

To be successful, strategic plan recommendations must be:
1. Transformative
2. Differentiating
3. Achievable
4. Specific
5. Prioritized

To see the first seven workgroup's charge and questions, please review the Planning Framework document.

The Branding and Communications charge can be found here.