About Us

Center for Technology & Innovation Management (CTIM), a part of Northwestern University’s Buffett Center for International & Comparative Studies, was initiated as a National Science Foundation University-Industry Cooperative Research Center. Until his sudden death last year, it wasdirected by Professor Michael Radnor, a senior Kellogg School of Management faculty member. Jeffrey Strauss, long time associate director is now Acting Director. CTIM has carried out funded research and consulting projects for companies, U.S. and International government agencies (including the Department of Commerce, U.S. Trade & Development Agency, NASA, USAID, World Bank, UN and various foundations) worldwide. In collaboration with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and ETH Zurich (and later other schools) the center launched the Management of Accelerated Technology Innovation (MATI) consortium, which evolved into the Global Advanced Technology Innovation Consortium, GATIC.

CTIM works with GATIC to increase attention to strategic issues that may not be sufficiently recognized by industry nor addressed by academia with particular focus on the strategic implications and requirements for management and commercialization of technologies in dynamic and complex operating environments. CTIM has developed and disseminated related teaching/training exercises and methodologies.

Besides CTIM’s long-standing attention to standards, other program areas have included:

  • management implications of the emergence and convergence of science-based technologies;
  • substantial work in the fields of Roadmapping, together with other technology management tools (including integration of scenario planning with modeling and other analytic approaches);
  • the growing role and management challenge of service innovation;
  • related organizational and teaching/preparation challenges and cross-disciplinary demands, including the needed interplay between technology and social sciences.