Reasons to Give to SIGP

This program is designed to directly serve undergraduate students at Northwestern as they grow professionally and personally through internships and other  experiential/career experiences over the summer. To donate please go to

Donations towards SIGP go directly to students to pay for living and travel expenses during the summer of their unpaid internship. The majority of the students who apply, state that due to lack of financial resources, without the grant they would not be able to accept or participate in their internship. With the competitive economy and the changes in hiring patterns, internships are critical to undergraduate students'career success.  We want to ensure all students have access to these career related opportunities and are encouraged to seek them out.

When you give to SIGP Fellows:

  • Experience an increased education about their career goals and paths to achieve success
  • Gain financial assistance to participate in an unpaid internship essential to their career development
  • Feel empowered to communicate what they have gained from their work experiences translating to better self-marketing and interviewing techniques
  • Engage in the NU community through increased confidence and skilled gained from their internship as well as specific career coaching from University Career Services and NU alumni