SIGP Summer 2013 Syllabus

Goals and Outcomes

The primary goal of the program component of SIGP is to empower students to grow professionally without financial frustration. This is done through projects and assignments students complete while engaged in an internship and the months following. The projects and assignments are designed to provide professional skill building and/or tools to aid in the job search. This program will also provide the opportunity to deepen students’ self-knowledge and to learn from their peers.

Specific goals and outcomes of SIGP include:

  1. Advance students self-knowledge and ability to make more informed decisions about future career paths
  2. Provide the financial assistance needed to be able to participate in an unpaid internship over the summer
  3. Empower students to communicate what they have experienced, learned and gained from their work experience 
  4. Engage in the NU Community through increased confidence and skills gained following the completion of a summer internship

Assignments (Due the Last Friday of Each Month) Profile – Due June 28th

  1. Create and Develop a LinkedIn Profile by going to
  2. Please include a professional picture of yourself. If you’d like to use the photo taken from the SIGP Orientation please contact Betsy.
  3. Include Work Experience, Education, Volunteer Experience, Leadership Experience, Skills and more.
  4. Your SIGP Career Coach will offer you feedback on your profile.

Midway Review – Due at the end of your 4th or 5th week 

  1. Schedule a 30 minute phone or Skype appointment with your SIGP Career Coach to review your learning goals established on your Learning Agenda
  2. Your Coach is also available to help you overcome any challenges you are experiencing; and will provide feedback.

Informational Interviewing – Due July 26th

Most jobs at graduation and throughout one’s career are found through networking but this critical skill takes practice. The best way to start networking is by conducting “Informational Interviews” with people who do the type of work you are interested in. Your assignment is to:

  1. Conduct 2 informational interviews (one must be with someone from outside of your internship/ at another organization).
  2. Your SIGP Career Coach will post a discussion thread on LinkedIn in your Subgroup after the deadline for you to report what you learned from doing the 2 informational interviews. Include anything that surprised you, helped you better understand your industry or company and any action items or takeaways from the conversations (i.e. other people you will reach out to, articles you will read, professional groups you will join).

Networking – Due by August 31st

Attend at least 1 networking event.

Some NU sponsored events this summer include:

  • Tuesday, June 25, 5:30-8:30pm, Fulton’s on the River, 315 N LaSalle, Chicago Event features talk from Liz Ryan and networking with fellow interns and Chicago Alumni. RSVP at
  • Wednesday, July 10th, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Winston & Strawn Law Firm, Washington DC Event features Networking with DC Alumni from a variety of industries.
    RSVP at
  • Wednesday, July 17th, TBA, The Princeton Club, NYC Event features talk from Lindsey Pollack,
  • Thursday, July 25th, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Intern Reception at the Home of NU Alum and Former Congressman Jim Kolbe (Washington DC) - 519 East Capitol Street, SE (Metro: Eastern Market - Orange/Blue Line) Cost: Free - Food and beverages will be provided! Please RVSP to by July 19th.

Your SIGP Career Coach will post a discussion thread on LinkedIn in your Subgroup after the deadline for you to report what you learned, whom you networked with and what you’re doing to follow-up with those you met.

Donor Appreciation Essays/Photos– Due August 31st

This assignment will become the content for a book we will distribute to donors as a way to thank them and share your summer experiences.

Answer 3 of the following questions:

  1. What does it mean to you to be a SIGP fellow?
  2. What was your reaction when you learned you would be receiving the grant?
  3. What are you most proud of from your summer experience?
  4. How can you use what you have learned in the future?
  5. How will this experience impact your career exploration?
  6. How will this experience enhance the remainder of your time at NU?

Please write your responses in a Word document and email it to along with any photos (jpg files) you would like to include from your internship.

Competency Assessment – Due at the end of your Internship

During the SIGP Orientation you completed a Pre-test of your Competency Assessment. Now that you’ve had several weeks on your internship it’s time to take the Competency Assessment once again. You’ll also see that there is a column for your supervisor to complete.

Please set-up a meeting with your supervisor to have them evaluate with you in person your competency levels from their vantage point. This will serve as a final meeting with your supervisor. SIGP will be notifying your supervisor of this assignment.

SIGP Ambassador Project (Due by April 1, 2014)/ Proposal Due by August 2nd

This is your chance to be creative in how to give back to the program. Many of you included great ideas in your applications (see your Essay #2 response).

Some examples of quality projects include:

  • Creating a video promoting the benefits of SIGP to donors.
  • Developing a guide for interning in a specific industry or city.
  • Writing a blog post for the UCS blog that highlights your experience in SIGP.
  • Developing the SIGP brand via social media, SIGP website and marketing materials.
  • Presenting your learning outcomes and experiences at the first ever Summer Experience Symposium Day on October 15, 2013 in Norris. 

Complete the proposal form at  by August 2nd. Please note: This assignment can be completed individually or as a group.