Application Essay Questions

Part of the application for SIGP 2014 is to make your case for selection through well written essay responses. The questions below are to be answered in a Word Document, 12 pt font, double spaced with each essay numbered. The total length of all 3 essays cannot exceed 4 pages.
  1. What are your current career choices and goals and how have your academic studies and extra-curricular activities impacted your career aspirations and development?
  2. Describe the organization and internship role that you have secured or hope to secure this summer. What will you strive to learn or gain from your internship experience? How will you give back to the University either through supporting SIGP or enhancing the NU community?
  3. Describe your financial need and any special or new circumstance(s) in your situation that may help us better understand your summer funding needs.

Receiving Help with Your SIGP Essays

You may also seek assistance from the Writing Place or schedule an appointment with you Career Advisor online Indicate that you would like to have your SIGP application reviewed. For any additional questions please call our office at  847-491-3700.