Career Development Program

In addition to receiving a grant for living and travel expenses accured during the summer of an unpaid internship, students are also required to participate in career development activities, programs and projects. Below are some ways we have helped students process what they are learning at their internships to better prepare them to contribute to their chosen career field and the Northwestern community.

Career Development Support


SIGP Fellows are asked to create or improve their existing profiles.

This project helps Fellows develop an online professional resume and start to establish their professional online networks.

Midway Review

SIGP Fellows have the opportunity to meet in person, over the phone or over Skype with their Career Advisor to discuss goals and internship success at week 4 or 5 of their internship.

Informational Interviewing and Networking

Fellows are asked to interview professionals in their careers of interest or individuals doing a career they find they are wanting to learn more about. In addition, Fellows are asked to attend at least one in-person networking event over the summer.

Fellows report learning more about their co-workers and the different paths individuals take to arrive at a career choice through the informational interviews. With the networking event attendance, Fellows state they enjoy meeting alumni or professionals in their industry. They many times start a professional relationship that leads to more meetings and advancement in their career development.

Donor Appreciation 

To thank the donors to SIGP, Fellows are asked to reflect on their experience and what SIGP has meant to them through short essay responses at the end of the summer.

Fellows have reported enjoying being able to reflect on the summer as it comes to an end, as well as have the opportunity to thank those that help them overcome their financial frustration through generous donations.