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School of Continuing Studies

Tuition and fees for Undergraduates and Graduates are listed here are for 2014 - 15. Increases should be expected in subsequent years.

For tuition purposes the term course refers to course credit. Some course offerings carry more than one course credit

Please note: An SCS student registered for a course in another school of the University pays the tuition charged by that school.
Graduate Tuition and Fee Charges Amount
Tuition: SCS Programs Varies by program:
  • Clinical Research and Regulatory Administration (CRRA), Master of Science
  • Creative Writing, Master of Arts
  • Creative Writing, Master of Fine Arts
  • Global Health, Master of Science - Distance Learning
  • Information Systems, Certificate
  • Information Systems, Certificate - Distance Learning
  • Information Systems, Master of Science
  • Information Systems, Master of Science - Distance Learning
  • Liberal Studies, Certificate
  • Liberal Studies, Master of Arts
$15,612/term or $2,970/unit
  • Literature, Certificate
  • Literature, Master of Arts
$15,612/term or $2,970/unit
  • Medical Informatics, Certificate - Distance Learning
  • Medical Informatics, Master of Science
  • Medical Informatics, Master of Science - Distance Learning
  • Public Policy and Administration, Certificate


  • Public Policy and Administration, Certificate - Distance Learning


  • Public Policy and Administration, Master of Arts


  • Public Policy and Administration, Master of Arts - Distance Learning


  • Predictive Analytics, Certificate - Distance Learning


  • Predictive Analytics, Master of Science - Distance Learning


  • Quality Assurance & Regulatory Science (QARS), Master of Science
  • Regulatory Compliance, Certificate
  • Regulatory Compliance, Master of Science
  • Sports Administration, Master of Arts
  • Resident Master's Study Fee (588)

Online Technology Fee

  • Information Systems
  • Medical Informatics
  • Public Policy and Administration

Tuition: The Graduate School

Varies by program:
  • Full-time (3-4 courses)
  • Part-time (1-2 courses)

$15,040/term $5,352/unit

  • Doctoral registration beyond 8 terms
  • 512 Continuous Registration
  • 513 Advanced Continuous Registration
  • 588 Resident Master's Study Fee
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $75 (U.S. citizens, permanent residents and international students)
Late Registration Fee
  • Fees are assessed for registering at times other than the scheduled time.
  • Payment is due at registration; a $5 surcharge will be added if billing is necessary

Employer Reimbursement Plan - Application Fee

  • One year (Fall, Winter and Spring)
  • One term


Late Payment Penalty Fee
  • Late fees are assessed on amounts remaining unpaid (whole or in part) after the due date.
Readmission Fee
  • For adding terms through retroactive registration
Retroactive Registration Fee
  • For registering after the quarter has ended.
  • Fee is charged following registration for the following quarter.

Transcript Fee

  • SCS Programs
  • The Graduate School
$8/transcript (electronic)
$10/transcript (paper)
$25/transcript (paper) USPS same day

Monthly Maintenance Fee

  • Charged to inactive tuition and fee accounts reaining open after last term of registration has ended
Returned Payment Fee $35

Annual Health and Hospitalization Premium

  • Northwestern has contracted with Aetna Student Health to help those students who wish to obtain comprehensive health insurance. Information about the NU/Aetna plan is available at (Northwestern University).
  • You may also contact the Health Insurance Office on either campus:
    Evanston: 633 Emerson Street (Room G.125b);
    Phone: 847-491-2113
    Chicago: 357 East Chicago Avenue (Law School, room 131);
    Phone: 312-503-1242
  • Students in Part-Time Programs Students in part-time programs are exempted from mandatory enrollment in the NU/Aetna plan. Enrollment on a voluntary basis may be done by completing a Part-Time Application Form. Payment via check to “Northwestern University” must be included when sending the application to the NU Insurance Office. Contact for more information. Open enrollment in the NU/Aetna plan is available during the quarter students are admitted to Northwestern:
    • Fall - July 1 through October 1;
    • Winter - November 1 through February 11;
    • Spring - March 1 through April 8;
    • Summer - May 1 through July 8.

$3,449 (Student)

Optional Coverage:
$6,890 (Spouse / same-sex partner)
$4,313 (Dependent child)

* See Aetna Student Health (Northwestern University) for more details.

Employee educational assistance
  • Most university faculty and staff members are eligible for reduced tuition.
  • University faculty and staff members must complete the Application for Faculty and Staff Reduced Tuition and return it to the Benefits Division of Human Resources.
Varies (See Employee Educational Assistance and Tuition Plans for more information)