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Undergraduate Student Room and Board

Residence hall and sorority and fraternity housing and meal plan charges are billed to your student account at the beginning of each quarter.

University Residence Hall and Residential College Rooms

Housing Charges:
  • Housing rates vary according to facility type and room occupancy. See the Living @ Northwestern web
  • site for specifics.
  • Social dues are set by the individual residence hall governments. A surcharge may be applied each quarter.
  • Residential college surcharge is $27.50 each quarter.
  • Room reservation deposit of $200 is required for new students planning to live in University housing. It will be applied against your housing charges for your first academic quarter. See Application Procedure and Room Reservation Deposits for more information.

    (To cancel a room reservation, notify the Undergraduate Housing Office as soon as possible. A refund will be applied first against any outstanding University charges in your account.)
  • Lost key charges vary by key type.
    Room key: $125; front door key: $25; security door key: $25; mailbox key: $6
Housing Contract:
  • To live in a University residence, you must sign a residence contract, in which you agree to all contract provisions including Residence Hall Rules and Regulations.
  • University housing and meal contracts provisions are binding for the term of the contract. Unless formally released from your contract, you are responsible for the room rental charges for the contract's term.
  • A student who is released from the room portion of the contract is automatically released from the board and social dues portions of that contract.

Meal Plan Information:
  • Rates for meals served at University residence halls and a la carte dining locations are available at nuCusine Meal Plans.
  • Your WildCARD is your meal ticket. The University ID card is coded with your meal plan information and must be presented to enter residence hall food services.

    Any WildCARD problems or replacements can be resolved at the WildCARD Office.
  • Meal Plan Request Form must be completed. You can fill it out online or downloaded the form from nuCusine Meal Plans.

Sorority and Fraternity Rooms

Housing and Meal Plan Charges:
These rates are set by each sorority and fraternity. See Fraternities & Sororities or contact the individual organization for specific information.

Sororities and fraternities have their own room and board contracts. Contact the individual organization for specific information.