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Feinberg School of Medicine

Tuition and fees for Professional students listed here are for 2015 - 16. Increases should be expected in subsequent years.

For tuition purposes the term course refers to course credit. Some course offerings carry more than one course credit.

Annual Health and Hospitalization Premium

  • Northwestern requires all full-time students to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan. To help students obtain the required insurance, the University has contracted with Aetna Student Health. Information about the NU/Aetna plan is available at (Northwestern University).
  • You may also contact the Health Insurance Office on either campus:
    Evanston: 633 Emerson Street (Room G.125b);
    Phone: 847-491-2113
    Chicago: 357 East Chicago Avenue (Law School, room 131);
    Phone: 312-503-1242
  • Online enrollment in the NU/Aetna plan for full-time students is available through CAESAR from July 1 through October 1.
  • Spouses and Dependents
    Application for coverage must be made to NU/Aetna Student Health during the open enrollment period that will end October 31. Go to (Northwestern University) and select "Enroll: Dependents" to reach STEP 1 Begin Your Application.
  • New or International Students
    All new full-time students starting at NU in Fall, Winter, or Spring quarters must use CAESAR to enroll in or waive NU/Aetna plan coverage. Logging into CAESAR displays the "Home" page; in the "Quick Links" section select "Health Coverage Plan" and choose the appropriate option. Students who do not opt out of the NU/Aetna plan by completing the online Coverage Selection Form will be billed for one year’s enrollment.
    1. Use CAESAR to enroll in or waive coverage (Option 1a is automatically selected for international students*):
      Option 1a) enroll in NU/Aetna plan only;
      Option 1b) enroll in NU/Aetna plan in addition to other qualified plan;
      Option 2) waive the NU/Aetna plan; use other qualified plan only.
      *It is mandatory for international students to take the NU/Aetna plan. An "international student" is defined as holding an F-1 or J-1 United States visa. (For more information, see "International Students" at
    2. Register for classes via CAESAR. Charges for the NU/Aetna plan are automatically billed to the student’s account when tuition is calculated.
    3. Confirm your local Illinois address is updated in CAESAR. About two weeks after charges have been billed, NU/Aetna Student Health will mail your insurance card to you. On the CAESAR "Home" page select "Personal Profile More" and "My Addresses."
    For students starting at NU in Summer quarter, complete a hard copy of the Coverage Selection Form to enroll in or waive the NU/Aetna plan. If waiving, include a copy front/back of your private health insurance ID card.
  • Returning Students
    • Students who did not have NU/Aetna Student Health coverage and now wish to enroll: Logging into CAESAR displays the "Home" page; in the "Quick Links" section select "Health Coverage Plan." Select Option 1a (NU/Aetna) or Option 1b (NU/Aetna in addition to other qualified plan) to enroll.
    • Students who enrolled and now wish to waive coverage: Follow the steps above and select Option 2 on the last step.
    • Students who enrolled and wish to continue coverage: Do nothing. You will be reenrolled automatically when you register for classes.
    • Students who waived coverage and wish to waive again: Do nothing. Based on your full-time registration posting, your waiver will be automatically renewed for the next academic year.
    • Find more information for returning full-time or part‑time students at

$3,692/year (Student)

Optional Coverage:
$3,692/year (Dependent)
$3,692/year (Each child; maximum $7,384/year for two or more children)
* See Aetna Student Health (Northwestern University) for more details.

Application Fee (nonrefundable)
  • MD, Prosthetics-Orthotics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician Assistant
$95 for MD, PO
$40 for DPT
$50 for PA
Disability Insurance Program (age and class dependent) $250 - $600 (per year)
Late Payment Penalty
  • Late fees are assessed each month on amounts remaining unpaid (whole or in part) after the due date.
  • Students may petition to have late fees removed if they feel the charge was unfairly assessed. A late fee caused by delayed financial aid may be cancelled, as long as the remaining balance is paid by the original due date.
Varies by program:
$400 (per month) for MD,
$200 (per month) for DPT and Prosthetics/Orthotics
Monthly Maintenance Fee
  • Charged to inactive tuition and fee accounts remaining open after last term of registration has ended

Non-refundable 9PAY Payment Plan Application Fee

$50 (each year)

9PAY Payment Plan Late Payment Fee

$10/late payment
Late Registration Fee
  • Fees are assessed for registering at times other than the scheduled time.
  • Payment is due at registration; a $5 surcharge will be added if billing is necessary
$25 (with possible $5 billing surcharge)
Retroactive Registration Fees
  • For registering after the quarter has ended.
  • Fee is charged following registration for the following quarter.

Returned Payment Fee

Student Activity Fee
  • MD
  • Physical Therapy

$571 for MD
$350 for DPT1, DPT2
$300 for DPT3

Technology Fee - Billed in Fall

$840 for DPT1
Transcript Fees $10/transcript (paper)
$8/transcript (electronic)

WildCARD Replacement Fee