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Loans and Services

Northwestern University is a lender and servicer of student loans for Northwestern students.

Loans offered in Financial Aid Packages
As a student loan lender, Northwestern University offers the following types of private and federal loans:
  • NU Loans are offered as part of student financial aid packages, but parents of undergraduates may apply for the NU Loan without applying for financial aid.
  • Federal Perkins Loans are offered to undergraduate, graduate and professional students.
  • Primary Care Loans are offered as part of financial aid packages for certain Medical School students.
  • Endowed Loans are offered in special situations to undergraduate, graduate and professional students.
The Financial Aid Office for your school or program determines eligibility for financial aid. For students and families demonstrating need, Northwestern loans may be part of the financial aid package. Therefore, the first step in receiving educational loan funds is to apply for financial aid.

Loans are available to those who cannot demonstrate financial need; you may apply for these loans without applying for financial aid. Your Financial Aid Office can provide information about these loans.

Loans serviced at Northwestern
As a student loan servicer, Northwestern provides assistance to students in school and, for many loans, after graduation. The following student loans are serviced during repayment:

See In-School Borrower Obligations for Northwestern student loan servicing and repayment information.