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Endowed Loans Summary

Endowed loans are offered infrequently and in special circumstances as part of financial aid packages for undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

The chart below provides a partial list of the terms and conditions for the Endowed Loan:
  • General Information
  • Interest Rates
  • Repayment Information

Since these details vary by origination date and exact loan type, borrowers should refer to their promissory note for the actual terms and conditions for their loans.
General Information
Lender Northwestern University (from many different private donor bequests)
Servicer Northwestern Student Loan Office
Borrower Undergraduate, graduate and professional students
Co-maker Some Endowed Loans require a credit-worthy co-maker who is a U.S. citizen.
Application process If your Financial Aid Office has awarded you an Endowed Loan, you can apply online (CAESAR > For Students > Financial Services > NU Loan Application > OWLS).
Promissory Note When your loan has been approved, the promissory note is mailed to the co-maker, if any, for his or her signature. Then you sign the note and return it to the Student Loan Office.
Fees Application fee: None
Insurance fee: None
Origination fee: Yes, for some Endowed Loans
Loan disbursement Applied to your student account by term per your award letter.