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Late Payments and Other Problems

When your account balance is unpaid, the University responds with registration holds and fees. These penalties are also assessed if your payment bounces or is returned for any reason.

Late Payments
If your bill is unpaid at its due date you may incur a financial hold on your student account. All Evanston-based students may also incur a $200 late payment fee. Chicago-based students have varying late payment fees depending on their school.

Until all financial obligations are paid in full, the financial hold could cause:
  • Registration to be cancelled or prevented
  • Diplomas or transcripts to be held
  • Enrollment or degrees to be unconfirmed
  • You also are liable for any costs associated with collection of your unpaid bills, including, but not limited to, collection agency costs, court costs, and legal fees.
The late payment fee varies by the school or program:
  • $100 - School of Continuing Studies (undergraduate degree programs)
  • $200 - All other Evanston-based schools and programs, Part-Time MBA, Physical Therapy, Prosthetics-Orthonics, School of Continuing Studies (graduate degree programs)
  • $400 - Law School, School of Medicine M.D. Program
For more information on expedited delivery of your payment, see Payment Methods.

Returned Payments
If the bank returns your payment for any reason, you will be assessed a $35 fee.

If the payment was made for a University charge, you may also be assessed a late payment fee and have your advance registration for the next quarter cancelled.