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About Your Bill

This section explains your tuition and fees bill:

Understanding Your Bill
  • Individual items or amounts
    Various areas within the University initiate the charges and credits on your bill; to get details about a particular item or amount on your bill, locate the office responsible for the charge or credit, and contact that office directly. See Who can help me with...? for a listing of topics and the office responsible for them.
  • Financial aid credits
    Financial aid credits will not be reflected on your account until the tuition charges for that term appear. Aid credits also may be removed from your account if you do not comply with the necessary financial aid disbursement procedures. It is your responsibility to contact your Financial Aid Office if problems or delays occur.
  • Amount due
    If you receive a bill that has a payment due amount, pay the amount due by the payment due date. The month after you have paid your account in full, you may receive a bill that shows the payment you made and a resulting zero balance. No payment is necessary. This statement is for your records only.
  • Credit balance
    If you receive a bill that has a credit balance (CR), no payment is due. You may request that the balance be refunded to you. See Financial Aid Refunds for directions on requesting a refund.

Billing Adjustments

If you wish to contest a portion of the bill, you should pay the uncontested portion by the due date and immediately contact the appropriate office to request an adjustment.

To avoid a hold on your registration for the next term, you should pursue adjustments promptly.