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9PAY Letter to Parents of Undergraduate

New Applications for 2015-16

Dear Parents:

We’d like to welcome you and your son or daughter to Northwestern University. The Office of Student Accounts is ready to help you with any questions that you may have about bills and payments.

9PAY, a tuition and fee installment payment option for Northwestern University undergraduate students will be available for the new academic year. Tuition, room and board charges and fees are normally due at the start of each term (September 1 for the fall quarter, January 1 for the winter quarter and April 1 for the spring quarter). 9PAY is designed to help you pay for educational expenses on a convenient monthly basis instead of through larger quarterly payments.

You may apply for 9PAY online assisted by your son or daughter. He or she will log into CAESAR and click on 'Apply for 9PAY' under the More Student Financials section of the Home page. The application, terms and conditions, a worksheet to determine the installment plan amount, and payment options are available online. Please follow the step-by-step instructions, noted below, to submit your 9PAY application online for immediate processing. You will receive an email to confirm that your application was received.

Please note the June 1st application deadline. We realize room assignments may not be made until mid-May or later and financial aid awards may not be confirmed until early summer. The following figures will be useful while using the worksheet to calculate your Annual Budgeted Amount (ABA):

Tuition $48,624
Associated Student Government Activity fee $174
Athletic Events fee (fall charge only) $49
Student Health fee $200
Average room and board charges $14,936 *
Student Health Insurance plan $3,692

* The actual room and board charges will vary depending on the room assignment and board plan selected. The amount does not include dorm social dues.

Any difference between the estimated charges and credits and the actual charges can be paid upon receipt of the normal fall, winter and spring invoices. Calling the Housing Office or the Financial Aid Office will hinder the issuing of room assignments and financial aid awards for all students, so we encourage you to review your information carefully.

We hope you find 9PAY to be a useful tool in paying the educational expenses for your son or daughter. Addition information about 9PAY can be found at Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about 9PAY.


Office of Student Accounts

How to Apply for 9PAY Online


Completing the online 9PAY Application requires coordination between the applicant (parent or other individual) and student. The application, terms and conditions, a worksheet to determine the installment plan amount, and payment options are available online within Apply for 9PAY. Applying online is secure, simple and should only take about ten minutes!

  1. Student (or Guest) logs into CAESAR at with NetID (or GuestID) and password. Access the 9PAY application by clicking on 'Apply for 9PAY' under the More Student Financials section (or Guest Menu) of the Home page in CAESAR.
  2. Calculate the Annual Budgeted Amount by using the recommended worksheet included within Apply for 9PAY or by using the 9PAY calculator for undergraduates at
  3. Complete the online application by typing or selecting the appropriate radio button to import demographic information already stored in CAESAR.

    Note about Student health insurance status: Identifying student health insurance status on the 9PAY application does not replace using CAESAR to enroll in or waive coverage.
    • Participating in University plan
    • Not participating in University plan
  4. Review and confirm the required information is complete. When you are ready, click the checkbox, "I have read the terms and conditions stated herein, ….” and press “Submit.” Within 3 business days you should expect an email confirmation regarding the activation of your 9PAY Payment Plan.
  5. Within 'Apply for 9PAY' review the information about electronic or mailed-in payments by pressing the “Payment Options” tab.

Thank you for considering a 9PAY installment plan. If you have any questions regarding the plan, please contact our office.

Office of Student Accounts
Northwestern University
Phone: 847 491-5224
Fax: 847 467-2451