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9PAY Calculator for All Other Schools and Programs

Use the calculator below to estimate the Annual Budgeted Amount, which is your estimated annual expenses minus your annual aid:
  • Estimated Annual Expenses
    Fill in all expenses paid directly to Northwestern, such as tuition, health insurance, and other expenses.
  • Estimated Annual Financial Aid
    Fill in the financial aid you expect to receive for the year, including any scholarships, grants, and student loans after fees.
When you have determined your Annual Budgeted Amount, enter it into your 9PAY Application form. A minimum Annual Budgeted Amount of $1,000 is recommended.

You may make changes to your Annual Budgeted Amount by forwarding the new amount in writing to the 9PAY Department of the Office of Student Accounts via mail or via email.

Annual Expenses(2015-16)Annual Financial Aid
Room and Board (estimate)Grants
Student Health Insurance (est.)Student Loans (less fees)
Activity and Athletic FeesOther Aid
Student Health Fee  
9PAY Application Fee  
Other Expenses   
Total ExpensesTotal Aid

Annual Budgeted AmountMonthly 9PAY Payment