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Online Services

You will execute most financial functions online, using CAESAR, QuikPAY® or OWLS.

What is it? Who can use it? What can I do there?
CAESAR is a self-service portal where financial functions (along with academic and enrollment functions) are performed. It is also the student gateway to some OWLS and QuikPAY® tasks. Current Northwestern students and guests

Billing and payment tasks:

  • Add a guest to the CAESAR Guest Center,
  • View My Account (Real-time, Daily Activity),
  • Request a refund,
  • Update my address,
  • View or Pay Tuition Bill (Monthly Snapshot),
  • Apply for 9PAY,
  • Make 9PAY Payment

Financial aid tasks:

  • apply for financial aid,
  • accept an award,
  • view to-do items

Student loan tasks:

  • apply for a loan (OWLS),
  • view to-do items
OWLS is a utility for step-by-step preparation of NU Loan or Endowed Loan applications. Northwestern students, authorized co-makers Apply for a loan, complete part of an existing loan application, check on the status of your loan application

Additional e-service help: