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Viewing My Student Account

Use these instructions to view your Account.

Step 1 Navigate to the CAESAR login page, and sign in using your NetID and password. The Home Page appears.

Step 2 Click the View My Account (Real-Time, Daily Activity) link in the Student Financial Services pagelet in the right column. OR use the dropdown Main Menu and navigate to Student Financial Services> View My Account.


Step 3 The Customer Account page displays. The page defaults to the last term in which you have financial transactions.


Step 4 To view another term, use the "Next" arrow to go to previous terms. Click the Show next row  button. Notice that the transactions you now see displayed are for the previous term, or in this example, 2012 Spring.


Step 5 If you would like to see the status of any unapplied deposits, click on the View Your Unapplied Deposits link.


Step 6 If you had any deposits that had not been applied toward your account they would show up here.


Click the Return button to go back to the "Customer Account" page.

Step 7 To view 9PAY activities, click on the View 9PAY activity link (below the View Your Unapplied Deposits link). NOTE: “Expected 9Pay Funds" and “9Pay Plan Adjustment” transactions will display on the "Customer Account" page. Here you will see all of your completed 9PAY transactions: 


Click on the Return button to go back to the "Customer Account" page.